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Price drops: free apps for work and play

We’re always on the lookout for notable discounts on the App Store, and today has served up two gems worth a combined $17/£17, completely free.

These two apps cover both work and play: the first an impressively full-featured mobile workstation and the second an addictive and ingenious puzzle game. If you’re interested, grab them soon before the prices change again!

OfficeSuite PRO – was $15/£15, now FREE

Sure, you can get the Microsoft Office suite for iOS, and Apple’s own iWork collection is pretty good too. But only OfficeSuite offers the whole lot in a single app: word documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs together at last. It works with all the common file formats and is a really good alternative to a laptop for getting some work done on the go. It’s not often we see apps of this price drop to zero, so give it a whirl while you can!

Get OfficeSuite PRO

Trick Shot – was $2/£2, now FREE

This is an extremely simple but endlessly satisfying physics puzzler. Each level involves nothing more than bouncing a ball into a box, which you do by swiping the screen to set the direction and power of the throw. But the 100 levels get increasingly harder as additional obstacles and more precise angles are introduced. There’s no penalty for losing, though, and you have an infinite supply of bouncy balls – making this a very rewarding game to play in short bursts.

Get Trick Shot

Please remember that these discounted prices are for a limited time only and could increase at any time. The App Store will always confirm the current price before download.