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Price Drops! See which apps are discounted or free this weekend – Feb 3, 2017

Keep track of App Store sales and you can get a lot more from your device without breaking the bank. This week, the critically acclaimed game Steamworld Heist drops to its lowest price ever, whilst the useful eyesight tracker ULTIMEYES goes completely free for a short period. That’s not all, either – here are the most notable price drops to sink your teeth into this weekend.

Note – all prices are accurate at the time of publishing, but these sales are for a limited time and the app’s developers can revert the pricing back to normal at any time. Act fast if you want to snag these bargains!

Discounted apps

ULTIMEYES – was $4.99/£4.99, now FREE

Your vision is important. For most of us vision is the most highly relied upon of the 5 senses. See just how easy it is in ULTIMEYES, to track your progress on exercises that require visual acuity, reaction speed, contrast sensitivity and more.


PDF Connoisseur – was $13.99/£13.99, now $0.99/£0.49

PDF Connoisseur is an all-in-one mobile app that takes the stress out of your paperwork. Your can enjoy the superb version of PDF reader app with all the editing tools you need with one-time purchase, including PDF annotation & signature, document scanner with OCR, page editing, PDF split/merge, fax, and file conversion.


Monogram – was $0.99/£0.99, now FREE

Monogram is the easiest way to design pretty, custom wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad. Select a background inspired by the latest fashion and home styles. Or use your own photo. Customize font, color, monogram frame shape and more.


Discounted games

 SteamWorld Heist – was $9.99/£9.99, now $4.99/£4.99

In SteamWorld Heist you command a steam-driven pirate crew in a series of epic tactical shootouts. It’s turn-based strategy with an action twist: You manually aim the guns of your robots, allowing for insane skill shots and bullet-bouncing action!


Parallyzed – was $2.99/£2.99, now $0.99/£0.99

Parallyzed is an atmospheric adventure platformer with unique gameplay, set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape. Blue and Red are deeply-connected twin sisters with very different personalities, abilities, and attributes – and you play as both sisters simultaneously.


Quell Zen+ – was $3.99/£3.99, now $0.99/£0.99

This serene puzzler has you guiding raindrops through a series of colorful mazes. Enhanced by atmospheric orchestral music, the game’s subtle, sophisticated mechanics evolve as you navigate its many levels, delivering an absorbing experience that’s familiar but always fresh.