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ProCamera – a fully-featured DSLR app for iPhone

All the power of a DSLR camera in an accessible and easy-to-use app

Price: $9/£9
Version: 13.5
Size: 133.6 MB
Seller: Cocologics
Platform: iPhone


Serious photographers can work wonders with the iPhone, but its built-in Camera app is still relatively basic. For anyone hoping to get a little more juice out of their handset, ProCamera is an accessible and easy-to-use app that brings DSLR-level functionality to the iPhone’s built-in camera.

The great thing about ProCamera is that you don’t need to be a camera genius to use it. But to get the most out of the app, it helps to know your ISO from your RAW. When you launch ProCamera, you’re greeted with a typical viewfinder, though you’ll notice extra icons dotted around the screen. With a tap, you can lock and unlock features like aperture and shutter speed, resulting in more fine-grained control over your shots.

Shooting an image

ProCamera has been around for a decade, and it shows in a UI that has clearly been refined over and over. In the bottom right, you can access more tools: here, you can choose how images are saved (switching between JPEG and minimally-compressed RAW files), and you can add grids, tilt meters, and exposure histograms. There’s also a useful Anti-Shake mode which waits until your iPhone is steady before capturing a shot.

Additional settings.

After capturing an image, ProCamera offers even more functionality. You can edit the picture in a number of ways, using a range of filters or by making individual tweaks to brightness, contrast, and exposure.

You get all of this for $9/£9. But if you pay a little more, ProCamera offers a number of extra modes which are really special. The most recent – Auto Perspective Correct – cleverly removes perspective distortion from ProCamera snaps. Of course, you can manually fine-tune these types of edits, too.

Auto Perspective Correct.

There’s also a night mode called Low Light Plus. This allows users with older iPhones to capture photos in low-light conditions through shooting multiple images – up to 64 altogether – and combining them. If you don’t have a newer handset which supports Apple’s own Night Mode, this could be a great alternative.

ProCamera’s paid features are what most set the app apart from its competitors. However, these extras aren’t included with the app’s download fee. Low Light Plus will set you back $4/£4, although a less-effective free version is available to play around with. But Auto Perspective Correct is part of a subscription service which costs $1/£1 per month, or a pretty reasonable $6/£6 per year.

Making edits.

Make no mistake: ProCamera is a great app. On top of the DSLR features and paid extras, it boasts a clean and elegant design, offers easy navigation between cameras (including rear- and front-facing cameras), and supports video-capture, portrait images, and even QR code-scanning. In this sense, ProCamera could effortlessly replace the built-in Camera app while adding a range of useful features and settings, which pro users will appreciate.

But for the app’s best features, you’ll need to spend a little more on top of the $9/£9 price. Even more if you also want the iPad version, which is a separate purchase and not as up-to-date. And that, understandably, may put some users off.