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Grammarly has long been a popular add-on for computers, providing a digital proofreading service that can instantly improve your writing. It’s kind of like a super-charged spellchecker that also spots grammatical inconsistencies and suggests alternatives.

Anyone who writes for a living, or even just wants to seem more professional in everyday emails, could benefit from this free service – and now, for the first time, it’s available on iPhone and iPad as a keyboard extension.

The team behind Grammarly suggest that mobile devices have become such a large part of daily communications, both personal and professional, that it’s more important than ever to be effective with your digital communications. They describe the app as “your personal editor for texts, emails, tweets, Tinder messages, and everything else you write on your phone.”

It’ll help you avoid mistakes, repetition, confusing phrases and more by replacing the iOS quicktype bar with a suggestions panel. You can make changes with a single tap, and it’ll even suggest synonyms that will make your writing sound clearer and smarter. Oh, and it’s great for flagging up auto-correct fails too!

Grammarly Keyboard is free, but if you want to give it a try you’ll need to set it up as a third-party keyboard. First download the app from the link below, log into the app, and follow these instructions:

  • Tap the “Add Grammarly Keyboard” button
  • Tap “Add new keyboard…”
  • Tap “Grammarly”
  • Tap “Grammarly” again
  • Toggle the “Allow Full Access” switch
  • Go to any app and tap on any text field

That’s it! We use Grammarly to check these posts, which is why there are rarly any speling mistaeks.

Grammarly Keyboard