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Hourlytics Tracking – restore your unproductive time

Want to try a powerful new way to track your time? The Hourlytics app might just be the ideal app for you, if you’re willing to be brutally honest with yourself.

By using this simple yet effective tool, you’ll be able to gain a unique insight into how your days are unfolding. Here’s the full lowdown.

What is Hourlytics?

Plenty of productivity and journaling apps will let you log the key activities of your day. However, there aren’t many that precisely map out how you’re filling your time, even when you’re not being productive or doing something noteworthy.

Hourlytics from developer Deepansh Jagga is an app that lets you map out your day, one hour at a time. If you’ve ever wondered where all the time goes, it could well provide a none-too-comfortable answer.


On the hour, Hourlytics will send a notification asking what you’ve been doing for the past hour. Log what you’ve been doing (honestly!), and at the end of the day or week you’ll be able to get an insight into how you’re spending your time – whether productively or unproductively.

How it works

Download the Hourlytics app, then open it up. From the main hub page, hit the Add Task button and fill out the name of a common task, project, or banal activity that you tend to partake in. It can be ‘work on X project’, ‘watch TV’, or ‘sit staring out the window’. Just be sure to mark each created task as either ‘Productive’ or ‘Unproductive’.

Hourlytics will periodically send a notification asking what you’ve been up to. Interact with the notification and select one of your created tasks to log the hour, adjusting the time if necessary. You can also log hours manually by tapping on the relevant task within the app, changing the time to match, and hitting the Add Hours button. This will now contribute to that aforementioned Analytics tab.

The Analytics tab is key, because it shows you how you’ve been spending your hours in productive and unproductive tasks. It’s up to you how you choose to utilise this information, but the implication should be obvious – spend less time on ‘unproductive’ things and more on ‘productive’ things!

What does the Pro tier involve?

Signing up to the $5/£5 Pro subscription gives you the ability to view your full analytics history for greater insight, as well as to fine-tune your notification with custom start and end times.

Eventually, the Pro tier will also enable you to dive deeper into your data, as well as bringing full iCloud support for multi-device syncing. This is an app that’s only set to improve.