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Focus – Productivity Timer – was $8/£8, now FREE

Focus is a great productivity utility that’s been around for a couple of years now. It’s just undergone a big update to version 2.0, and with it are some significant changes.

Besides a big redesign, the most important of these is a change in pricing – the app is now free to download and use, with some extra features available as a monthly “pro” subscription. Meaning it’s now much easier to try the app out to see if it works for you, and those who don’t require the extras won’t have to spend a penny.

The core of the app is based on splitting your time into “focus sessions” to maximize your productivity. We’ll let the developers explain how it works: “Focus for 25 minutes, then take a short break to relax your mind. After four sessions, take a 15 to 20 minute break. This method maximizes energy, stimulates creativity and promotes a sense of achievement.”

Pro users also get access to a task manager to help you know what you should be working on in each of your focus sessions, and detailed statistics to track how well you’ve been working and spot patterns in your workflow.

It works seamlessly across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac, meaning you’ve no excuse not to stay focused no matter where you are! If you struggle to work efficiently, get distracted a lot or forget to take sufficient breaks, why not give it a go?

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