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Memorize hard-to-remember foreign words with this vocabulary app

There are a lot of apps out there to help you learn a new language, with varying techniques. Though we’d recommend something like Duolingo for a beginner, not everybody learns in the same way and supplementary methods can be very useful.

In steps Reji; an app to help you nail down words and pronunciations through quiz-based repetition.

This app is focused specifically on improving your vocabulary. It won’t teach you about possessive pronouns or how to string a sentence together, but it’s an excellent way to memorize word lists you’ve learned elsewhere. Combined with a language class or another app, it’s a powerful study buddy.

Reji has pre-made ‘decks’ of words you can learn, but crucially you can add your own words and the app will automatically translate them and present them nicely with images, translations, and definitions. It’s a bit like making your own custom flashcards for exactly the set of words you need to practice.

Usually, this app is a $10/£10 purchase, but its developers have just put it on sale for absolutely nothing and informed us the price will stay that way until mid-September.

Going free means there’s nothing to lose – if you have plans to pick up or bolster another language, why not give it a go?

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