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Review: discover movie and tv facts with stylish IMDb alternative Callsheet

Developer: Limitliss
Price: $1/£1 a month [Free 7-day trial]
Size: 39 MB
Version: 2024.9
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Callsheet is a media discovery app that lets you search for a comprehensive rundown of information on movies, TV shows, and actors.

It’s a lot like IMDb or JustWatch, but with a much slicker Apple-inspired interface. It also refrains from cramming ads down your throat, subsisting on a $1/£1 a month subscription after your first 20 searches.

The presentation is clearly Apple-inspired

Straight away, then, the app is off to a winner. Fire it up and you’ll be taken to a clean list of popular and new movies and TV shows. The top line is reserved for your own pinned items so you can keep a track of media you’d like to watch at a later date.

There’s an effective search field at the bottom of the screen for pinpointing particular titles, cast, or crew. Tapping on a particular property will jump you into a visually clean breakdown of everything from the cast and crew to the seasons of a TV show, as well as the overall rating culled from The Movie Database.

Media breakdowns are nicely laid out

Tapping on the More button lets you access a sub-menu that offers access to extra details like Parental Guidance and Technical Details from IMDb. You can also jump to a title’s Wikipedia or web page, as well as find out where you can stream or rent them courtesy of JustWatch integration.

The latter implementation feels a little too awkwardly placed for this committed JustWatch user. I want that information front and centre when I search for a movie or TV show, especially given that Callsheet’s developer has successfully implemented the JustWatch data into the app’s UI.

JustWatch implementation is a little buried

The buried nature of some of its externally sourced information aside, Callsheet is full of clever little touches. Tap on a movie’s run time, for example, and it’ll tell you what time it’ll finish if you start now.

Then there’s the Hide Spoilers tool, which lets you block out episode titles, cast character names, thumbnails, and cast episode counts from view.

Spoiler Settings let you block key details

All things considered, Callsheet is a smartly attired and thoughtfully put together alternative to IMDb and Just Watch. It’s a great tool to have on hand for movie buffs and casual fans alike.