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Centr – a fitness app for mind, body, and spirit

Train hard, eat well, and relax with a fitness app that takes care of all aspects of your life

Price: Free (subscription required)
Version: 1.0.95
Size: 90.7 MB
Seller: Loup Pty Ltd
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Ever wanted to know what Thor does to keep fit? This new app promises to provide valuable insight into the matter. We’re talking about actor Chris Hemsworth, of course, rather than the actual Norse god of thunder. The Aussie hunk has put his name to this stylish effort, which promises to help you “Train, Eat and Live better”. It does so by roping in help from leading personal trainers, chefs, and well-being experts to formulate the ultimate personalized fitness plan.

What makes Centr great is its triangulated approach to fitness – it’s not just one good app, it’s three great apps in one. This is because Centr not only provides calibrated workouts to train your body, but it offers meditations and visualizations to focus and calm your mind, and it serves up health-conscious recipes for meals and snacks.

Workouts in Centr can be either coached or self-guided.

When you first launch Centr, you’re given the option of inputting your stats and goals. The exercise-side of Centr offers three strands for users to choose from: lose weight, get fit and toned, or build muscle. The kind of workouts served to you in Centr will depend on the route you decide to take.

Centr aims to help everyone – even those new to health and fitness.

The app’s Planner interface provides a smart cocktail of workouts, meditations, and recipes that will see you through the day. You can choose between coached or self-guided workouts in Centr, which is handy: coached workouts offer a full video for you to follow along to, while self-guided offer a breakdown of the workout that might better suit public gyms.

Meditation and visualization exercises in Centr train your mind, instead of your body.

The mindful side to Centr is great, offering meditations and sleep visualizations that will really help you switch off. Despite Centr not being a dedicated app for meditation, the exercises it offers are of a really good standard.

And the same can be said of Centr’s recipes. When you’re configuring the app, you can highlight any dietary requirements and Centr will incorporate those within its recommendations. The recommended meals and snacks look delicious, and Centr even offers a built-in shopping list which lets users add all the ingredients for a recipe with a single tap.

The app’s built-in recipes are great, and support a range of dietary requirements like gluten-free and vegan.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Centr includes a built-in blog, where health and fitness experts talk you through ways to live a better life. So you can see, there really is a lot on offer here.

What’s best about Centr is that it offers users an all-in-one place for their health and fitness. It can communicate with the Apple Watch to pull workout data in (such as movement and heart rate, for instance), and, despite offering daily plans in the Planner interface, users can also search through the app’s catalog for on-demand workouts and meditations.

The design of Centr is also superb – the app is polished and feels great to use. However, it would be nice to have access to an interface which logs your previous workouts, since, as of this release, that kind of feature seems to be missing. Instead, you’ll need to use a different app to check on your workout history.

That’s right: there’s even a built-in shopping list.

All this does come at a price – $19.99/£15.49 monthly, or half that if you pay for a full year up front. The good news though is that you can try Centr free of charge for seven days, which should give you more than enough time to decide if the app is right for you.

It is genuinely hard to pick fault with Centr. The folks behind the app have gone above and beyond to offer a superb fitness solution, and so long as you can afford the price, it’s hard to think of a better alternative on the App Store.