Relax, focus, sleep, and move to the background noise of soothing soundscapes with this unique iOS app

Price: Free
Version: 1.6
Size: 167.6 MB
Seller: Endel Sound GmbH
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Endel is an app that aims to give your mind exactly what it needs: soundscapes, fine-tuned and carefully calibrated to meet your exact needs across four areas — relax, focus, sleep, and move. This is an app that really aims to change your life. Let’s find out if it can.

The idea behind Endel is that your mind responds to ambient noise in different ways — sound can invigorate you, relax you, help you focus, or put you to sleep. We’ve all been there: uplifting music at the gym, a soothing piece to help us sleep or relax — this isn’t an outlandish idea by any means, but one that Endel builds upon to create something quite special.

Endel knows what time of day it is and what the weather conditions are. It uses this information to generate its ambient soundscapes.

When you launch Endel, it introduces you to its four core areas: Relax, Focus, Sleep, and On-the-Go. Each of these modes offers a “soundscape” — ambient noises which can’t quite be called music, but which nevertheless sound really nice. These soundscapes are designed to be called upon by users as and when they’re needed. About to start a project for school or work? Launch the Focus soundscape and get in the zone. Feeling stressed? Hit Relax. Heading on a run? Load up On-the-Go. Endel aims to offer your mind exactly what it needs to help you realize your potential.

Each mode is different: the Focus mode, for example, really does help you concentrate on the task at hand.

You’ll find that the sounds on offer in Endel really do help towards relaxing or focusing your mind. Of course, while the app is best enjoyed with a decent pair of headphones, it’s easy to either AirPlay Endel’s soundscapes to a speaker or just listen to them on your iOS device.

AirPlaying to a speaker is a great way to enjoy a big- or even multi-room Endel experience.

On-the-Go, the Endel mode designed to help you in times of physical activity, deserves a special mention: it uses the motion co-processor in your iOS device to compose its soundscape based on your movements, matching its rhythm with the beat of your footsteps. But speaking more generally, Endel is, on the whole, beautifully designed and its four modes are genuinely a joy to use.

If you use Endel while trying to fall asleep, a timer feature lets you set the app to automatically switch off.

The app doesn’t provide users with the opportunity to customize any of its modes, which is a shame, though for an extra slice of zen users can tap the UI of individual soundscapes to manipulate the ambient music. In Focus, for instance, tapping the screen results in different notes chiming — the experience is relaxing, calming, and oddly satisfying.

As a final bonus feature, the app even offers weekly reports on how you’re using its soundscapes. All of this makes Endel well-worth its $3 (£2.79) monthly subscription — a yearly subscription is available for $25 (£23.49) and a lifetime one for $100 (£85), though in all cases, it’s possible to try the app free of charge before making a purchase.

This pricing model also means Endel is cheaper than, which charges $7 per month for access to a similar product. However, it is worth noting that other ambient noise generators offer similar sounds free of charge, albeit without Endel’s beautiful UI and bonus features.

So, to start fine-tuning your mind with beautiful ambient noise soundscapes, take Endel for a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

Review: Endel – an app for fine-tuning your mind
  • Beautiful soundscapes
  • Perfect design
  • Fantastic bonus features, like insights, AirPlay, and the timer
  • More modes could make this app even better — a mode for harder exercise would be a nice addition
  • No customization options for individual modes.
4.5Overall Score