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A point and shoot camera app from the folks behind popular photo editor Enlight

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 41.0 MB
Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
Platform: iPhone


Update! We thought Enlight Quickshot was almost picture-perfect when we reviewed it a few years ago, but has time been kind to this Camera app replacement?

So what’s new? The folks behind Enlight Quickshot haven’t sat back and twiddled their thumbs these past few years – instead, they’ve made this smart app better than ever through adding new features and filters. Specifically, new fall skies have been added for budding photographers, and new effects for those who enjoy fixing up their pics. More recently, Enlight even got a brand new heal feature. This lets users remove anything from a single mark or blemish to an entire person from a digital photo quickly and easily. Apple’s Camera and Photo apps might have gone from strength to strength these past few years, but so has Quickshot.

Revised rating:  Enlight Quickshot has kept up with the ever-changing world of iPhone-photography by adding new features and filters. There’s still nothing else quite like strobe mode. ★★★★½ 


Our original review, written in September 2017, is presented in its entirety below.

Apple’s built-in Camera app hasn’t changed a huge amount in recent years, leaving third-party developers free to innovate in this area of iOS. One of the latest point-and-shoot apps comes from the folks behind Enlight, a fantastic photo editor for iPhone and iPad. Given their track record, the latest app in the family – called Enlight Quickshot – should be worth a download, right? Let’s find out.

Quickshot offers a handful of standout features which position it as one of the best camera apps on the App Store. And the first of these, rather aptly, is called “Quickshot.”

Quickshot mode ships with a number of features, like auto-rotate and auto-crop

In this mode, the app uses artificial intelligence to automatically adjust, straighten, and enhance photos even as you shoot them. Quickshot can sense whether you’re holding your iPhone slightly off-angle, and it can compensate for this by rotating the captured image. This mode works incredibly well, spelling the end for crooked horizons.

Quickshot can recognize even the most extreme angular errors

The second feature on offer in Quickshot is HDR+. High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography mixes together shots of varying exposure to create the perfect image. Here, the HDR+ mode allows users to calibrate HDR on a per-environment basis. Not only do you see the image configure exposure in real-time, but the app also lets users re-adjust exposure with a simple tap. There’s an HDR capture mode in the standard Camera app, sure, but this one offers much more freedom.

Tapping the screen allows users to adjust exposure in HDR+ mode

Then finally, there’s Strobe mode. Strobe is an interesting addition – it works by shooting a mini-burst of images and layering them together in order to create stylistic shots which track the movement of a subject. The effect works great, although you’ll need something worth photographing using this mode – a gymnast, for instance, or a sporty action show would suit Strobe perfectly.

Strobe mode allows users to create impressive, stylistic images

Besides all this, Quickshot also boasts a regular Photo mode (which lets users shoot images without any of the extra techno-functionality) and it allows users to batch-edit their pictures, which comes in handy if you have a full set and want to slap the same filter on the lot.

Although Quickshot is a free download, some features are locked behind a pro upgrade (which begins at $1.99 – or £1.99 – per month). You’re limited to batch-editing three shots unless you upgrade to pro; the upgrade also allows users to create their own filters in the app. However, it’s more than likely that the free app will satisfy all your photo capturing needs. It’s comprehensive enough without the upgrade and works brilliantly.

Enlight Quickshot is a great replacement for the Camera app. It feels natural to use and although there’s a lot of intelligence working under the hood, it doesn’t over-complicate things. You may never use the default iOS Camera again!

Enlight Quickshot – a smart replacement for the Camera app
Great replacement for the default Camera
  • Intelligent Quickshot mode
  • Great bulk-editing of images
  • Strobe mode for artistic shots
  • Locks certain features behind a subscription
4.5Overall Score