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Fragment App Review: Hypnotic photo-editing

A hypnotic photo-editing experience

Remember using one of those old-school plastic kaleidoscopes as a kid? Fragment is an app that gives you an opportunity to release the inner child and get creative through a huge array of easy to apply effects.

More excuses to show people your holiday snaps...

More excuses to show people your holiday snaps…

Similar to other Pixite LLC apps, Fragment is an advanced photo editing ‘on rails’. Instead of trying to do everything all at once, Pixite have created a range of apps that each focus on a specific visual themes. Fragment as you may have guessed, gives you a set of ‘fragments’ to place over your photos so you can create spectacular light bending results in minutes.

When you open the app, there are three options; photo, camera, or inspiration. Photo brings up your camera roll while ‘camera’ allows you to take an image using your iOS device. It is advised though to head to the inspiration to view some of the mind boggling creations from other users.

See the effects in real time

See the effects in real time

After feeling suitably inspired, you are presented with a fairly neat main screen from where you create your masterpiece. Simply scroll horizontally to see the fragments available, each kaleidoscopic effect applying itself instantly.

The power of shuffle

If you aren’t familiar with the effects available you can also click the shuffle button, which not only adds a fragment to the picture but also randomizes contrast and blur etc. Some of the shuffle effects can be way over the top, but this feature is useful in seeing what’s possible with your own images.

I call this one 'down under'

We call this one ‘down over’

Once you’ve seen a fragment that you like you can fine tune its position, size and add masking effects. Lessons learnt in other apps such as Union have been brought across to Fragment meaning that the whole app feels slick and accomplished even when working in such minute detail.

Editing Is a really satisfying experience and makes you wonder why you don’t have a giant touchscreen monitor for your home computer. Then you see that you’ve covered your device in fingerprint smudges that resemble crop circles and realize it’s for the best you don’t.

But there’s more…

There are enough in app purchases to keep you busy for months

There are enough in app purchases to keep you busy for months

Additional ‘packs’ of effects are available to purchase through the app. None of what is presented to you couldn’t be achieved with a free desktop application and a bit of hard work, but why bother when you can let someone else do the creative bit and take all the glory for yourself?

As with other apps, Fragment isn’t going to suddenly transform every photo into a work of art, you’ll probably have to hunt back through your social archives to find images that work but with the opportunity to import and export to other Pixite apps there are infinite creative possibilities. You can also ‘re-fragment’, which allows you to add multiple layers of fragments until your head explodes (or fragments we suppose).

Refragment to your hearts content

Refragment to your hearts content

Price: $1.99/£1.49
Size: 63.9 MB
Version: 1.5.1
Platform: iOS Universal
Developer: Pixite LLC

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