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Review: Fused – Double Exposure, Video and Photo Blender

Create double exposures using photo and video on the iPhone

Double exposures used to be nothing more than an annoyance to photographers, but somewhere along the line, people lightened up and decided that some of them actually looked quite good.

Fused helps you to create double exposures from both photos and videos. There are a couple filters or ‘blending modes’ available and more can be purchased which the app is quick to remind you of. In fact, it can get annoying but that’s a trade off for getting the app for free in the first place.

Once you’ve selected 2 worthy pics you can swipe up and down on the project to change amount of blend. There are also a series of sliders to adjust brightness and contrast as well as masking options to erase areas of an image. There isn’t an undo button, but you can re-paint what you’ve just erased, but this process it still a little tricky if you are using an iPhone.


Create dystopian landscapes to show your relatives…

If you are having trouble creating an Instagram worthy image from a picture of your lunch, or your cat (or both) you can use some of the built in images that include nature scenes and some random people. This is handy if the weather isn’t very nice outside or you aren’t feeling particularly photogenic (or both). There is also a set of images from New York City which cost extra for reasons that are unclear.


NYC is pricey even in the virtual world

The pictures that you create are squarely aimed at being shared on Instagram (because they are square…). But you may initially be reluctant to share as there is also a watermark placed over every image. You may have thought that unlocking all the filters via payment would also get rid of this but you actually have to share the app for it to be removed which is far too forceful.


It’s a nice picture of a complete stranger I suppose

The image quality raises other questions, they are fairly small in size which is evident if you zoom in a little, again, showing a focus on the Instagram demographic. You do also get an option to combine videos or a video with a photo. This feature is included at no extra cost within the app.


Silhouettes work well and most of the example pics are this format

Unfortunately there are more accomplished apps out there that do a better job than Fused. Apps such as Union use a small screen in a much more inventive way and allow for a greater degree of control. It’s not that Fusion is particularly bad, it just isn’t as good as other paid apps. Not a winning combination.

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Price: Free (In app-purchases)
Version: 1.2
Size: 13.9MB
Platform: iOS Universal
Developer:  Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.