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Perfect for families, Looping can help to keep your busy lives organized

Price: Free
Version: 4.6.0
Size: 78.8 MB
Seller: familynet GmbH
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Keeping yourself organized might seem difficult enough, but organizing an entire family or group is even tougher. Looping, an app for iPhone and iPad, aims to take some of the stress out of group organization through offering a fully-featured calendar and to-do app for group members.

On first launch, users are given the option of creating a group and adding members. Groups are really what this app is all about, and may consist of anything from families to study groups, sports teams, close friends, or really any other grouping you can think of. You can invite members to the group using email or WhatsApp, and Looping allows users to run more than one group. Once at least one group has been configured, you’re good to go.

Looping offers a shared calendar app for group members to use, and the design of the calendar looks great.

From there, you can begin to populate shared calendars and even a to-do list in the app. The to-do list feature will be particularly useful for groceries, and family groups will find it especially beneficial: you can add in items and these will sync between devices for all group members to see. The design of the app is generally really nice, with a slick user interface and even tasteful artwork for different months of the year.

You can decide whether a new event is personal, or if it should be shared with a group

Usefully, the app will send out notifications when other members of a group add appointments or events – in this respect users really will be kept in the loop with one another. Looping even has dedicated support for doctor’s appointments, school timetables, and house management (like boiler repair and chimney sweeping).

The app’s to-do list is a really nice feature and is perfect for family groceries.

The only problem with Looping is that in its current release, there are a few bugs which may render the app unusable for some users. The app worked fine in our testing, but some users have reported issues with the current release. We’re hoping a swift update from the developer will sort out any bugs.

Different groups can be assigned a different colour, making multi-group management easy.

The bottom line, then, is that Looping is a really nice app for keeping groups in the loop. It offers a more accessible (and more attractive) user interface compared with the built-in Calendar app, and its integrated to-do list and support for group edits and notifications make it a really useful app.

If you’re in a group – be it a family, a houseshare, or even a class – consider giving looping a try. It’s available on the App Store free of charge, so why not get in the loop?

Review: Looping – keep your group in the loop
  • Nice user interface and design
  • Integrated to-do lists
  • Notifications when other group members post
  • Some bugs remain in the current release
4.5Overall Score

Hi! Thanks for reading. This post looks better in our award-winning app, Tips & Tricks for iPhone.