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Redecor – fancy yourself an interior designer?

Publisher: Reworks
Price: Free to download
Size: 60.2 MB
Version: 1.9.9
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Redecor allows you to play the part of interior designer – without the need for a lot of free time, money, or know-how. Design a bathroom for an affluent old couple, a brightly colored living room for a young family, or a fancy downtown bar. The choice is yours.

This app isn’t particularly new, but it’s worthy of note for the way it stands out in a fairly saturated corner of the App Store. The majority of home design games for iOS are puzzle-based, which isn’t necessarily bad, but doesn’t truly allow you to test your design chops. Others that do include freeform experimentation too often suffer from limited design options or being too kid-friendly.

By contrast, Redecor is a satisfyingly realistic and even somewhat sophisticated app, showcasing beautiful interiors and believable materials. It’s also completely ad-free, a rarity in the genre (though it does include IAPs – more on that later).

A handful of interior challenges are released daily, offering a range of design briefs from mock clients. Each challenge starts with the blank canvas of a space, and your job is to select materials and finishes that combine into a cohesive design that fits the brief.

Or not! Ignoring the challenge and using the levels as a canvas to go wild is fun too. You can have a second crack at each challenge, and it can be fun to try and create contrasting styles for the same space.

Each completed design is randomly grouped with others from players around the world, and real players vote on the best designs. It’s a much better system than a simple point score – when you win a vote, you know you’ve genuinely come up with a crowd-pleasing aesthetic. Now and again you’ll even get a design duel challenge where you go head to head with another player.

Redecor offers a rich selection of materials to play with, covering virtually every style you could think of. Whimsical ceramic glazes? Check. Bohemian cushions? Check. Minimalist artwork? Check. It’s an impressive array but it’s not all available from the get-go. Unlocking new materials is all part of the addictive gameplay loop, and though it’s admittedly a satisfying one, the limitations can feel a little frustrating as a new player.

Predictably, new materials are unlocked with a virtual currency you can earn slowly through play – or quickly with a real money in-app purchase. There are other freemium quirks here too, including a monthly season pass with exclusive rewards, and daily challenges to earn more loot. Your patience with this kind of stuff will affect your enjoyment of Redecor, but thankfully the developers promise the core gameplay will always remain free, and we can confirm and it’s still fun even without spending a dime. Though you may experience wallpaper envy.

There’s a nice, laid back pace to the gameplay, making it excellent to play whilst winding down after a long day. It’s a relaxing, creatively engaging game, and getting better at the challenges really does make you feel like a better designer. This is a game where the skills you develop bleed over into the real world, and it’s a great source of inspiration if you have a DIY project on the horizon.

Overall, Redecor is an impressive app with a thriving community, and invested developers who continue to add value and longevity to the gameplay. The sense of realism improves your eye for design whilst playing. Who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire you to finally change up that dated spare room?