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SleepTown – a fun way to build a better sleep habit

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Construct a sprawling sleep town simply by achieving your sleep goals each night

Price: $2 / £2
Version: 3.2.16
Size: 168.3 MB
Seller: Seekrtech Co., Ltd.
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Getting the right amount of shut-eye each night can be tough – even Apple has stepped in with its own sleep management features in iOS 14 to help its users out. But if you still find that you need a little extra motivation to combat bad sleep habits, SleepTown could help you out.

When users of this smart app achieve their sleep goals and put their device down each night, they get to build and maintain a constantly changing city. It’s a fun app that’s hard not to love – better still, it could help correct a persistently bad sleep habit.

SleepTown aims to motivate its users towards gaining their desired amounts of sleep using this fun, simple formula. When you launch the app, you have the option of setting a bedtime goal and a wake-up goal. SleepTown will then remind you when it’s time to put down your device for the night – so far, pretty similar to Apple’s Bedtime. But then the apps begins its “construction” phase, and at that point, the magic begins.

Set your alarm.

Overnight, the SleepTown app begins its work on the first building in your virtual town, transforming an empty patch of land into the first phase of your sleepy city. It’s really satisfying to wake up in the morning and see what the SleepTown app has built.

As you continue to use the app successfully, your city will continue to grow. And you’ll be rewarded for your improved sleep pattern with an increasing selection of new, more unique buildings.

A sprawling city.

Now for the scary part. If you set SleepTown to construct a building before going to sleep and you use your device in the night, or fail to wake up when the alarm sounds, that building will be destroyed. On top of that, your SleepTown streak will be lost – although your other buildings will be safe. If you’re the type of person who wakes up in the night and browses social feeds to get back to sleep, this app may help curb the habit.

Don’t fail!

Usefully, it’s possible to check on your stats in SleepTown or export them to the Health app. You can also join a “sleep circle” made up of family and friends in order to set shared goals.

SleepTown places a big emphasis on regular sleep habits, but the app does let users take two days off a week. For most of us, this will be the weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to customize your sleep routine beyond this – taking three days off isn’t an option. So much for shift workers or those on a four-day week. However, you can choose not to construct a building on certain days, if you aren’t going to make your morning alarm. This means you’ll avoid waking up to a heap of rubble in the morning.

Choosing a time.

For those of you who’ve struggled to find the right sleep management app, SleepTown could be perfect for you. Its smart blend of regular alarms and fun motivation could help you fix even the worst sleep habits.