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Review: SOON – organize your entertainment plans

Organize your life with Soon – The Everyday Bucket List

Price: Free
Version: 3.0.8
Size: 39.8 MB
Developer: Beginner AB
Platform: iPhone/iPad

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In a time when there is a near unlimited amount of media at your disposal it can be difficult to prioritize what you want to consume first. Netflix, Apple Music and other streaming platforms all have the ability to add media to a watch list but with so many different ways of listening and watching it can all get a bit much. Apply this to eating, drinking and pretty much any other hobby and your life can feel like a cluttered mess. Luckily, Soon can ease this modern conundrum somewhat allowing you to organise the chaos.

Simply put, Soon is an app that allows you to make mini bucket lists of things you want to do or see. Be it movies, albums, podcasts or even restaurants and bars, Soon allows you to collect and organize your thoughts, category by category.

Compile a definitive watch list

By using your location, Soon can show you what is trending in your area or a particular location you might planning to visit. If you’ve been given a recommendation from a friend, you can add it to your list to ensure you won’t forget to check it out.

A small amount of information is given on each page, though at times it’s a little sparse and you may leave you doing additional research elsewhere. If you’re looking for a movie to watch you can see what’s currently popular, watch the trailers, and update your list if anything appeals. It’s a nice way to discover new content. Anything you’re searching for that isn’t yet listed can be added manually, allowing other users to view the listing – a great feature for encouraging user input to benefit other users.

See which nearby venues have the most buzz

Locations such as bars and restaurants display the map on the page, which is useful for exploring the surrounding area. However, there is no option to open the location in Maps for directions, which is a little frustrating and feels like a missed opportunity. That said, the option to ‘ride with Uber’ is a nice touch and pretty handy if you are aren’t too far from your desired location.

Another slight gripe is the add button which does not appear to change when you have added an item to one of your lists. A duplication warning is given but this small oversight feels like it could have been easily avoided.

The city list is Soon’s star feature. Too much vacation research can be a strain, but too little can leave you stressed at your lack of planned activities. City list can happily meet you in the middle; if you want to be lazy you can simply explore what is currently trending or you can add already known haunts and or recently researched locations. You can add your fellow travelers as contributors – so long as they have the app – to share your findings and create a rather impressive itinerary.

The city list is great for planning group adventures

Soon is a simple app which is very easy to use, and while it is basic it is very effective in its execution. It can help you to map out all the things you want to do and maybe even inspire your friends to do the same. Decluttering your brain has never been so fun.