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Review: Thunderly is a unique weather-tracking app

Chase thunderstorms with this niche weather utility

Price: Free
Version: 1.3
Size: 100.6 MB
Developer: Jan Plesek
Platform: iPhone

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Thunderly is a new app that’s made an impressive debut on the App Store. It’s designed to provide extreme weather trackers with a place to search out thunder and lightning storms, and it includes a couple of extra features, too.

In its initial release, Thunderly shipped with a handful of significant bugs which limited the app’s functionality – but we’re pleased to announce that in the most recent update, most of these problems have been addressed.

Look at that photorealistic globe!

In Thunderly, users are presented with a photorealistic globe that flashes in real-time with lightning from around the world. It offers an accurate day and night cycle, cloud movement, and precipitation. Earth looks beautiful here, and it’s fun to spin it around in search of wild weather. You can chase lightning storms around the world without leaving your armchair.

You can pinch-and-zoom to view detailed, local area maps, and these have worked well since the previously mentioned update. The developer seems to be acting quickly to fix bugs addressed in user reviews, and we’d expect the app to continue to improve.

There isn’t much on the horizon, even when you can spy adverse whether out the window.

One feature which we particularly liked was lightning measurement. When you’re zoomed in on the map far enough, you can tap the screen as you witness real-life lightning and thunder strike, and an on-screen graphic will measure how far away you are from the storm based on the time between the two.

However, more general weather features aren’t offered in Thunderly; this is an app for storms, and storms only. For more detailed weather information, users will need to check in with a different app.

Configuration options are available in the app.

Over on the right-hand side of the app’s interface, users have the option of tweaking some of Thunderly’s settings. You can activate or deactivate thunder, lightning, a vibration effect, and cloud animations. These are nice touches.

Thunderly could be a great app for storm enthusiasts, photographers looking to hone in on an awesome lightning shot, or even for those seeking a degree of relaxation – something that photorealistic globe definitely seems to offer!