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Review: TypeLoop – bring your stories to life

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Create graphical art fit for social media with this feature-rich app

Developer: Instasize Inc.
Price: Free
Size: 65.1 MB
Version: 2.2.24
Platform: iPhone


Have you ever noticed those snazzy pieces of graphical art posted on the social media accounts of high-ranking influencers – the ones where the text rolls, bounces, or glides across the screen? TypeLoop is a free iPhone app that can bring this kind of influencing power to your Instagram account. Or, well, to anywhere you can share video.

After downloading and installing the free app, launch TypeLoop to get a glimpse of what it can offer. A default animation will appear on-screen – but don’t worry: you can easily begin editing animations for your own needs. To change the on-screen text, simply tap the screen. This should launch the virtual keyboard where you’ll be able to type whatever you like.

It’s a bit weird typing out text as it moves right in front of your eyes, but you quickly get used to it. You can also change the font, color, and size of the text by tapping the Aa icon (in the top-right of the app).


Alongside this is another icon that looks like two overlapping circles – here, you can tweak TypeLoop’s animations. There are 12 available free of charge, which should be plenty to meet your needs (although additional animations can be unlocked if you subscribe to TypeLoop – more on this below).

Further icons along the top let you add another nine animations, or alter the app’s background (either by changing the color, or adding an image from your Photos app).

Black background.

Although the end results in TypeLoop are undoubtedly nice – there’s a great range of animations that should suit any artistic need, and the end product can be easily exported to your Photos library or Instagram – the app itself is let down by a somewhat clunky interface.

In testing, we found that it’s all too easy to inadvertently activate the text editing mode – and you can sometimes get stuck in an area of the app and unable to exit.

Pro features.

TypeLoop also suffers from not having names for its different animation styles. Instead, these animations are called “M1,” “M2,” and so on. Granted, it saves on screen space, but it means a lot of cumbersome trial and error to get to the effect you want.

Minimal designs.

TypeLoop’s strengths lie in the work it does to produce a nice-looking animation fit for your followers. The only problem is that its UI does take some getting used to. While TypeLoop is free to download, anyone impressed with the app can unlock even more animations for an optional in-app subscription of $4/£4 per month.