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Screenshot Stitching: Apple promotes slick app with how-to

Apple’s in-house tastemakers have highlighted a useful app called Tailor in the App Store, and having given it a try ourselves we think it’s worth a look.

Tailor has one very specific function, but it’s one that we’d wager most people would find useful at some stage. The app automatically stitches together sequences of screenshots to make one long image (like the ones seen above) making it much easier to share long-form content with others.

For example, you might want to send someone an excerpt from a chat you’ve been having in Messages, or an article you’ve read in Safari. But it won’t fit into a single screenshot! With Tailor, you simply grab multiple screenshots, leaving an overlap between each one, and it’ll automatically combine the lot into a single file. Much more manageable!

The app developers suggest a whole host of things you can stitch together with Tailor:

• Conversations
• Recipes and Instructions
• Articles
• Comment Threads
• To-Do Lists
• Directions
• Leaderboards

Tailor is free to download and use, although it does add a watermark to the foot of each image and show you the occasional ad. If you like the app, you can pay a one-off IAP to remove these limitations.

Get Tailor

Apple is clearly keen on this app and has even produced a three-step tutorial to explain more about the app. Check it out by pressing here if you want to see how it works!