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Shrove Tuesday: apps to help with food and festivities

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Today is Shrove Tuesday! Depending on where in the world you live, that might mean Mardi Gras, it might mean Pancake Day, or it might mean nothing at all. All we can say for sure is that all around the world people are indulging in fun, food, and festivities.

In many parts of America and Europe, today is marked with a huge Mardi Gras carnival. None is better known than the New Orleans parade, and if you’re close enough to visit you’ll want to grab the official parade tracking app to keep up with everything that’s going on.

Get Parade Tracker

But for the rest of the world, Shrove Tuesday traditionally involves scoffing a huge pile of pancakes to use up your store ingredients before Lent, a time of fasting. These days, fewer people are concerned with the fasting element but the fat stacks of syrupy goodness remain as popular as ever.

If you’re celebrating with a traditional pancake dinner, you could do worse than to check out the foolproof “pancakes with the kids” instructions presented by Apple in conjunction with recipe app Tasty, which show how to make your pancakes into cute animal faces.

In fact, even if pancakes aren’t your raison d’être we’re confident you’ll find something to get excited about amongst the app’s slick food videos – it even has a Mardi Gras section full of over-the-top cocktails like pink grapefruit margaritas, and gin and tonic jelly shots.

Get Tasty

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And finally, if ever there was a day to promote a frustrating but charming pancake-flipping game, today is it. Why risk ruining your meal with over-the-top frying pan flips when you can simulate the experience virtually in two-dimensional glory?

Get Pancake: The Game