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Small Talk: a daily dose of knowledge

Do you ever wish more of your iOS notifications could inspire you, make you laugh, or teach you something in a matter of seconds?

The makers of Small Talk thought exactly that, and created an app whose sole purpose is to hit you up throughout the day with little nuggets of knowledge and wisdom.

Choose a time of day when you need some extra stimulation, and the app will send a little package of small talk straight to your lock screen. You’ll get six snippets a day: an inspirational quote, a fun fact, a joke, a word of the day, an “on this day” historical fact, and a top tip or life hack.

Being drip-fed all these interesting tidbits every day could make you into a more interesting person, with plenty of fodder for ice-breakers or small talk in the elevator. It could even make you smarter.

Sound good? The kicker is that it’s a completely free app. If you fancy spicing up your daily notifications, give Small Talk a shot.

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