A gym-style workout on your iOS device, no equipment needed

Price: Free
Version: 1.9.10
Size: 282.8 MB
Developer: Netpulse Inc.
Platform: iPhone/iPad

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SoSweat: Home Fitness Coach is a slick, feature-rich app that could help you take control of your personal fitness. By offering accessible exercises and workouts, along with additional features for a premium price, the app aims to turn users into lean, mean, muscle-machines in no time. And best of all, no training equipment is required!

The initial assessment asks users to perform a range of basic exercises targeting different areas of the body

There’s really a lot to love about this app. For starters, when you first launch SoSweat, the app performs a fitness assessment across different areas of the body and uses this to suggest a suitable introductory workout programme. The app tailors its recommendations to individual users and offers more accessible training as a result. As someone who has only recently started exercising regularly, I found SoSweat’s exercises to be manageable and its initial assessment to be pretty accurate, highlighting weaker areas of my body.

Exercises are fully illustrated using pictures and videos.

Perhaps the nicest thing about SoSweat is its virtual demonstrations. Many users coming to the app will likely be fitness novices; SoSweat accommodates these users by providing full in-app demonstrations of each and every exercise with either pictures or, more usefully, demo videos.

You can access a lot of content free of charge in SoSweat: a huge range of exercises and workouts can be selected, and the app also tracks your activity and features a built-in social network to allow users to connect with friends. To encourage newbies to stick with their training, SoSweat’s exercises also carry points which users accrue over time.

A comprehensive analysis of your performance is provided by the app

For a premium subscription of $6.49 (£5.99) per month, SoSweat users can receive more autonomous and tailored training recommendations by accessing the app’s OXY Coach. Not only does OXY provide automatic weekly workout programmes which are customized to the needs of individual users, but it also unlocks additional exercises.

You can rate how you felt following individual exercises in order to track your fitness and performance

However, even the free version of the app is packed with content and offers a great place to start for anyone interested in improving their fitness. More generally speaking, SoSweat is really well designed with a slick user interface, plenty of hi-def photography, and built-in video, all of which motivate users to continue their workout while fully illustrating how individual exercises should be completed.

If you’re looking to improve your personal fitness, there’s really no better place to begin. Start crunching and squatting, and you’ll be buff before you know it.

SoSweat: Home Fitness Coach – take control of your fitness with this app
  • Tons of free exercises and workouts
  • Fully illustrated with pictures and videos
  • Bespoke training (for a price)
  • No trial of the OXY coach
4.5Overall Score