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Stay calm and improve your sleep with Meditape’s relaxing sound boards

Meditapes is the latest in a line of impressive wellbeing apps that seeks to add a little touch of calm to the daily grind. This one focuses entirely on audio, creating gentle looping soundtracks on-the-fly as you tap the screen. It’s a little like playing the world’s easiest to learn instrument, as we found that even a flurry of random taps would create something peaceful in a matter of seconds.

Each bubble is a different note, and you can tweak the slider at the top to change the overall sound

In the developer’s words, here’s how to use Meditapes:

1. Select a sound pack lovingly made by real people using real musical instruments.
2. Create a unique relaxing audio loop set to a natural resting rhythm.
3. Relax to your loop for as little or long as you wish.
4. Rate your sessions and track your progress over time.
5. Replay sessions that worked best for you by saving them.

The app includes four sound packs, two of which are free and two of which will require IAP to unlock. If you like to listen to something as you drift off to sleep, this could be perfect – easy to set up, super relaxing, and it will sound a little different every time. We can also imagine using the app as a gentle backdrop to meditation, yoga, or a nice hot bath.

Download Meditapes on the App Store (free)