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TripAdvisor redesign adds new features to the all-in-one travel app

Veteran app makes it easier than ever to plan a trip

You’ve probably used TripAdvisor (free) before to check reviews for a restaurant, or find a decent hotel in an unfamiliar city – but, we’d bet you always used it in conjunction with other apps or websites when planning a trip. Now though, the popular travel app has redesigned its iOS app in a bid to become a true all-in-one travel companion. So what’s new?

Quite a bit, actually. Arguably the most useful new feature is a new “Best Value” hotel ranking that takes a whole lot of factors into consideration to throw up the best search results first. It’s a big improvement on sorting purely by price, rating, or popularity and is a welcome filter to help the app compete with other apps.

The one-stop shop for your travel needs?

Next, the app has added a feature called “My Trips” that allows you to make a full itinerary of your trip and share it with friends so you can collaborate on the details together. It seems like a good way to pool resources and keep track of all the stuff you can find in the app.

The app has also added support for 360-degree photos, which is hardly a deal-breaker but it’s certainly a cool feature. It gives you a chance to see inside hotel rooms far more realistically than before, to get a sense of the space before booking.

TripAdvisor’s CEO says that the new app experience “allows travelers to effortlessly compare prices and book their hotel, find great things to do on the go, and unleash the full potential of their trip.” Its design is based on community feedback over the past few years and should make planning your next trip that little bit easier. Oh, and for any of the things TripAdvisor still can’t do – why not read our recent guide to the best apps to help you plan a great vacation?

TripAdvisor is free to download from the App Store.