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Ulyss: let this app pick your next vacation

Do you find it tough to decide where to go on vacation? The world is a huge place, and with so many great places to visit it’s easy to be struck with a bad case of indecision and end up wasting a whole load of time. So why not let an algorithm decide for you?

ULYSS is an AI-driven travel assistant designed to help you conquer “choice paralysis” by suggesting locations it thinks would be perfect for your trip. It launched earlier this year, and after a couple of significant updates, we think it’s worth a look – especially as it’s completely free.

So how does ULYSS know what type of vacation to recommend? Well, after logging into the app it will ask you a series of twelve quickfire questions about your preferences for the trip. Who you’re traveling with; how far you’d like to go; how much money you want to spend; whether you appreciate high culture or nightlife, beach or mountains. You get the picture.

It typically takes a few minutes to answer the questionnaire, after which ULYSS will tell you what type of traveler you are, and pitch its top five matches based on your answers. It’s a great way to find places you may not have heard of that tick every box for your perfect location, and it’s much easier than trying to do this kind of research yourself!

The app doesn’t go into too much detail about its pick, beyond showing you a graph of how well they match your tastes, but that alone is a great jumping off point to then do some further research.

Who knew Palermo was so good for couples who want a bit of everything on their trip, or that Ashgabat was such a perfect combination of stunning architecture and beautiful mountains? ULYSS knew, and if you like to travel we’d highly recommend giving this app a whirl!