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Unobstruct: improve the reading experience in Safari

Unobstruct – $0.99/£0.99

A new app offers the chance to automatically strip out some of the annoying toolbars that get in the way when browsing the internet on your iPhone or iPad.

Certain websites show menus or social sharing prompts on screen at all times, which can get pretty annoying when you’re trying to read the actual content on the page. In the words of the app’s developers, “you’re already reading web pages on a pretty small screen. Don’t let floating social media sharing toolbars and the like get in your way.”

So what’s the solution, exactly? Unobstruct includes a content blocker for Safari that will remove these bars automatically from some popular web pages, including sites like MediumWIRED, and Mashable. Bear in mind that the auto-hide won’t work for everything – but if you read a lot of content on your device, it could prove useful.

iOS has allowed content blockers for a little while now, but we’ve not seen this implementation before. Once the app is downloaded, you can activate it from SettingsSafari > Content Blockers.

For more information, check out Unobstruct on the App Store.

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