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Use “Vookmark” to keep track of internet videos you want to watch later

A new “watch later” app promises to make it easier to keep track of all the interesting videos you find online

Vookmark: video bookmarks. We’re surprised it’s not been done before. In essence, the app gives you a place to store all those videos you see online that you don’t have time to watch immediately, but don’t want to forget about.

Maybe you’ve seen something cool on Facebook but don’t have your headphones with you, or have been sent a YouTube video by a friend but can’t watch it while you’re at work. Save those links with Vookmark and they won’t be forgotten forever. It’s like the “read later” function in Safari, but specifically for videos.


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The service is available as an app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and a browsing extension for use on your home computer. You can register videos from Facebook, YouTube, dailymotion, vimeo, and reddit – and then watch them all from the same app. It’s a treat to save video bookmarks over a couple days and then sit back to watch the lot in one fell swoop via the larger screen of an Apple TV or iPad.

You can download Vookmark from the App Store, and install the browser extensions for Mac and PC from the Vookmark website. If you need help getting started with the service, there’s an in-depth guide available over at iPhoneHacks.