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Wakeout! – work out without leaving the house

Can’t get to the gym? No problem! Wakeout will get you working-out in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom

Price: Free
Subscription: $5/£5 per month
Version: 40.29
Size: 77.8 MB
Seller: Andres Canella
Platform: iPhone & iPad


Getting your daily workout in can be hard, especially if you aren’t able to leave home. But did you know that actually, your home has everything you need to get your heart-rate racing, burn calories, and build strength? Wakeout can show you how.

Wakeout is an iOS app packed to the brim with exercises you can do from home – or from work, while on the move, or when outdoors, for that matter. The aim of the app is to help regular folks fit exercise into their busy lives. If you can’t get to the gym, Wakeout can help you complete an all-body workout without leaving the house, using easy-to-follow video demonstrations.

Wakeout’s main screen.

In the app’s main screen, Wakeout separates its workouts into four groups: home, workplace, travel, and outdoors. Each group is also separated into sub-categories: for instance, in the home section you can filter workouts by room (bedroom, kitchen, living room) or choose from two bonus categories – advanced living room workouts and foot massage workouts.

Choose your exercise.

After you’ve picked a category, you get to choose the type of workout. There’s a good selection on offer depending on your mood and the length of time you have. You can choose between relaxing, energizing, intense, and fun workouts which span either 30 seconds, a three-exercise short routine, or a five-exercise long routine. Then, Wakeout will present suitable exercises for you to choose from.

Customize your workout.

What’s nice is that you really can complete a varied workout in your home using the exercises on offer. Wakeout’s exercises are bodyweight-based, meaning you don’t need any specialist equipment other than everyday home objects. In the bedroom category, you can pick from rotating bed planks, lunge get-ups, pillow step-overs, and more. All you need here is a bed to complete the exercises on – no gym equipment required!

Wakeout counts along.

When you complete an exercise, Wakeout guides you through the technique and times you, using haptic feedback as well as on-screen visuals to let you know when it’s time to start and stop. The app also tracks your workouts, giving you an activity level and counting your active minutes. Unfortunately though, workouts completed in Wakeout won’t log in the Health app, and no Apple Watch workouts quite match up to the quick-and-dirty exercise styles encouraged here.

Track your progress.

The app is also a bit buggy in its current release – you may find that it occasionally hangs and needs to be restarted, which can interrupt the flow of your workout.

Furthermore, while Wakeout is free to download and try for seven days, no free content is on offer in the app. Instead, you’ll need to spend $5/£5 per month to access the app’s catalog of workouts – it’s all or nothing. Wakeout include a lot of content, but once you’ve learned most of the exercises you might be disappointed in the lack of regular updates.

What you get for your cash, though, is a fairly comprehensive personal trainer for completing home-workouts using everyday household objects. If you’re stuck at home and feel the need to exercise, Wakeout could be the perfect solution.