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Weekly Apps Roundup – 04 March

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

The Light Inside Us

Price: $2.99/£2.29 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 33.9 MB

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An abstract puzzle-strategy-shooter set in an isometric world inhabited by sentient particles of light. Guide the ‘children of light’ through each level, shooting enemies to convert them to the light side and using unique special powers. Be careful, though – every shot uses up some of your life.


Perfect Angle

Price: $1.99/£1.49 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 269 MB

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A game of perspective puzzles and optical illusions in a stunning 3D environment, Perfect Angle will challenge you to restore order to the world by manipulating camera angles to reveal new objects. It’s a relaxing, captivating journey filled with over 100 unique and challenging scenarios with a mysterious and fully voice-acted backstory.


Tyme 2

Price: $4.99/£3.99 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 9.5 MB

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Sequel to the popular time tracking tool Tyme, this is a great app for those who work for themselves. It’s full to bursting with smart features to monitor your workload and keep track of budgets, expenses and deadlines.


Peter Panic

Price: Free (+ $2.99/£2.29 IAP) • Version: 1.0 • Size: 89.1 MB

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Peter Panic is not your everyday iOS game: it’s a completely original Broadway musical from Adult Swim! A quirky tale of a young theatre director played out through song and dozens of quirky mini-game challenges. You can play the entire game in one sitting for free, or pay a one-time fee to unlock the ability to save your progress.


Chased by the Sun

Price: $1.99/£1.49 • Version: 3.00 • Size: 96.0 MB

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An explosive and fast-paced ‘not-so-endless’ runner that tries to capture the excitement of a climactic action movie finale. Escape burning stars while dodging rocks, moons and black holes through a series of intense levels.



[UPDATED] Daycap

Price: Free • Version: 1.2 • Size: 27.2 MB

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‘Your Day in a GIF:’ snap photos of what you’re up to through the day and they’ll be automatically compiled into a slick animated GIF, perfect for sharing on Instagram or other social media sites. This latest update lets you add people and places to your Daycaps – and it’s completely free!


[UPDATED] Thingthing

Price: Free • Version: 2.0 • Size: 29.5 MB

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Stop switching apps with this time saving keyboard extension for iOS. Thingthing allows for quick and easy sharing of files while chatting. You can access cloud docs, photos and calendar details all from the keyboard interface within Messages, Mail or any other app! This update adds new auto-correct and word suggestion features.