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Weekly Apps Roundup – Aug 21 2015

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

Cally’s Caves 3

Price: Free • Version: 1.1.2 • Size: 62.4 MB

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Side-on old-school platforming and shooting action of the best kind. Join Cally in a challenging quest to save her parents! Smart level design, loads of weapons and great visuals add up to a top-notch gaming experience.


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Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

Price: $4.99/£3.99 • Version: 1.0.2 • Size: 555 MB

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The classic PC gaming franchise has been on iOS for a while, but RT3 marks the first time the full game is available with no additional in-app purchases. Design your ultimate theme park and build some ridiculous coasters!


Coda for iOS

Price: $9.99/£7.99 • Version: 2.0 • Size: 29.8 MB

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A fully-featured text editor for writing code on the move. Web developers may not want to do all their programming on a handheld device, but Coda is a surprisingly useful tool to have handy for quick website updates.

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Price: Free • Version: 1.0 • Size: 98.0 MB

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It’s Pac-Man fever! Not content with last month’s excellent Pac-Man DX (read our review!), developers Bandai Namco teamed up with the creators of Crossy Road to release a fresh take on the classic, reinventing it into an addictive endless maze runner.



Price: $0.99/£0.79 • Version: 1.1 • Size: 37.6 MB

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Get your chemistry on with this virtual beaker app, complete with 150+ chemicals to experiement with. See what happens when you combine various elements, shake them up or heat them. A fun, hands-on educational app.



Price: $2.992.29 $0.99/£0.79 • Version: 1.2 • Size: 76.3 MB

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Without doubt our favorite iOS game about jetpacks is on sale. Try not to crash and burn as you attempt to complete a series of ludicrous physics-based acrobatic challenges. Spoiler: you’ll definitely crash and burn.


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Cord – chat with short voice messages

Price: Free • Version: 2.0.1 • Size: 16.5 MB

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Quick, simple voice chat. The app that melds social networking with instant voice messaging has been updated with new vocal filters and themed channels to talk to people around the world about any subject.

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