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Weekly Apps Roundup – June 4

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Price: $3.99/£2.99 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 359 MB

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One of the most critically acclaimed indie games of the last two years makes its way to iOS with improved graphics and smooth touch controls. It’s an atmospheric puzzle platformer developed in collaboration with the Alaska Native people, telling a traditional Iñupiat folk tale.


Pixel Cup Soccer 16

Price: $2.99/£2.29 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 61.3 MB

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A retro style soccer game with a fast-paced arcade feel – none of this low-scoring overly realistic sports gaming here! The retro 90s-style pixel art graphics look great, and you can gear up for Copa America or the Euros by playing the tournaments yourself! A rounded, fun footy game.



Price: $4.99/£3.99 • Version: 1.0.3 • Size: 39.5 MB

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From the makers of the acclaimed Scanbot, Unfade is a smart, portable photo scanner designed to make it quick and easy to scan old photo albums and archive your physical collection. Unfade’s filters can revive faded colors to bring your aging snaps back to life in digital form.

Lemon Lumberjack’s Letter Mill

Price: Free ($2.99/£2.2 for full game) • Version: 1.0 • Size: 143 MB

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It’s a charming spelling adventure from the creators of Care Bears! Recommended for ages 5 – 8, Lemon Lumberjack can guide kids through multiple stages of language aquisitions. There’s a range of gameplay modes, story books and silly animations to keep things fresh and fun. It’s free to try with an optional IAP to unlock the rest.



Price: $1.99/£1.49 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 25.7 MB

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Eklips is a minimalist puzzle, heavily inspired by gaming class Tetris but with enough of it’s own character and mechanics to stand up on its own right. Like Tetris, you drop blocky shapes into place to make lines disappear – but here, you’re making concentric squares around a central dot, and can drop pieces from any direction. Easy to learn but hard to master!



Price: Free (+optional IAP) • Version: 1.0.3 • Size: 179 MB

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A modern rhythm action game from the developers behind the successful Deemo and Cytus. With high school drama as the backdrop to Chelsea’s band practice, you can immerse yourself in the music by tapping along with the falling notes. It promises multiple game modes, plus a huge music collection with more tracks to come in the future.



Price: $0.99/£0.79 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 9.1 MB

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An app to help you clean up your photo library with minimum fuss. Select your photos by album or date and look through the lot, swiping up to keep or down to delete images as you see fit. It’s much quicker than trying to delete multiple images from Photos, and brings a Tinder-style immediacy to spring clearing. Currently on launch sale, so may increase in price soon.