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What’s in Space? Charming educational astronomy app

Space. The final frontier.

Or maybe not! With this new astronomy app, space can be one of the first educational frontiers for any young adventurer.

What’s in Space is an interactive experience full of mini-games and fun animations to help teach kids about the wonders of the solar system and beyond.

“With easy and simple narrated texts, educational games, and incredible illustrations, children will learn basic information about space: what planets are in the solar system, what each planet is like, the constellations that can be seen in the sky, the astronauts, the spaceships…”

The cute graphics help to explain the concepts of space in a simple manner. Additionally, the text is easy to understand, and there’s even full narration for those who are still learning to read. No rules, no time limits and no in-app purchases. Just space, and lots of it!

This is a great way to teach children about astronauts, spaceships, constellations, the names of the planets, and much more. The developers are known for their educational apps (covering topics from dinosaurs to robots) so we trust them to deliver on the astronomy front.

It’s never too early to learn what’s up above us in the night sky, and this is a charming entry point to stargazing before moving onto more grown-up astronomy apps like Sky Guide AR.

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