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Word Boosters – apps that expand your vocabulary

We talk to one another all the time, but how many of us make an effort to enhance our vocabulary and expand on the words we use? Thanks to our iPhones, it’s easy to learn new words and phrases – with these apps, you’ll sound like you’ve swallowed a dictionary in no time!

A widget-based ‘word of the day’

Word of the Day: Widget is a great, free app that uses a simple widget to present folks with a word of the day on their Home Screen each day. What’s nice about this one is that Word of the Day includes a brief, accessible definition alongside new words, allowing users to develop their understanding of new piece of vocabulary on a day-by-day basis. Plus, the widget itself is coloful and well-designed. If you’re starting out on a vocab-enhancing journey, this free app is the place to start.

Learn a new word each day!

Scrabble – learn through play

For a more interactive way to learn new words, try Scrabble GO – the official Scrabble app on iOS and iPadOS. Free to download (with in-app purchases), Scrabble GO emulates a classic game of Scrabble on your iPhone or iPad. The beauty, for would-be word-hounds, is that when playing against a real-life player or AI, you’ll come across all manner of new words ready and waiting to be loaded into Google.

Learn through play!

Word to Word – make connections, remember new words

A great way to retain new words is to make connections between new pieces of vocabulary and ones you already know. That’s the idea behind Word to Word, which is a free app that challenges players to work out the connections between individual words.

Learn words by making associations!

WordUp – learn new words in context

WordUp tries to help word-learners by incorporating context into its learning dynamic. While it’s possible to learn individual words on their own, one of the problems with this approach is developing an accurate understanding of word meaning. WordUp tries to help with this by offering up AI chat conversations and examples from songs, quotes, movies, and more to teach users new words – and their meaning.

Learn words in context!

So there you have it. With these four apps installed on your iPhone and at your disposal, you’ll find yourself using a wider variety of words in no time at all.