Welcome to part three of our festive roundup series – we’re halfway through! From now until Christmas, we’ll be showing you all the best apps to help you stay on top of the holiday season with nothing more than an iPhone or iPad.

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Travel and weather

There’s extra stress when traveling during the holidays. The last thing you want is to be going precisely the wrong way along a very long road when you were due to meet the in-laws for Christmas drinks an hour ago. So get some apps to ensure you know where you’re going, and what it’ll be like when you get there.

There are a ton of travel and weather apps out there, but for our money, these are the three you should definitely be making use of.

Google Maps [Free]

There’s no longer anything inherently wrong with Apple Maps, and we quite often use it for driving directions. However, it’s pretty poor at enabling you to search for locations, terrible with public transport, and also doesn’t allow you to save chunks of a map for offline use. Fortunately, Google Maps ably deals with all those things, and is entirely free.


Get Google Maps

WeatherPro [$3/£3]

Mapping apps will give you a sense of how long journeys will take, but it’s worth planning well in advance. WeatherPro is one of the more comprehensive weather apps around, with a broadly accurate forecast for the coming week. Before you make that cross-country trip, loaded with children and gifts, check out whether you should add an hour or two to deal with snow.


Get WeatherPro

CARROT Weather [$5/£5]

This weather app also provides a forecast for the coming week, but it adds immediate conditions – and snark. If you fancy attempting to burn off a bit of your Christmas dinner with an evening constitutional, use CARROT to see whether it’s going to pour down over the next hour first. And if a downpour is imminent, CARROT will, in seasonal fashion, cheerily note something like: “At least it’s not acid rain”. It’s like Santa’s right there in the room with you!

Get CARROT Weather