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2021 gift guide: the best gadgets for an Apple fan

Our pick of this year’s best kit for gifts this holiday season

Want to buy something special for the iPhone fan in your life? Or do you need extra ideas for your own gift list? Here are ten top-notch products that should bring any iPhone owner a grin-inducing amount of seasonal cheer.

HomePod mini ($99/£89)

Now available in a range of snazzy colors, HomePod mini is a grapefruit-sized speaker that packs a punch – but it’s about more than just playing music. Siri can turn the little orb into a smart assistant, and if you’ve several HomePod minis, the Intercom feature means you no longer need bellow when dinner’s ready.

AirPods ($179/£169)

Although Apple’s third-generation AirPods lack the active noise cancellation and multiple ear tips from the pricier AirPods Pro, they nonetheless impress. This revision has improved sound, MagSafe charging, spatial audio and adaptive EQ. Even better, they’re lighter than the AirPods Pro and get up to a third more play time on a single charge.

Backbone One ($100/£100)

For gamers, Backbone One is our pick of iPhone-compatible controllers. Once your iPhone’s connected (via the Lightning port), the result is like a handheld console – ideal for twitchy platform games and complex console-oriented titles. Be mindful it’s a very snug fit for the iPhone 13 Pro, but a free adapter makes things right again.

AirTag ($29/£29 or $99/£99 for four)

Apple wasn’t first to the tracking device game, but for iPhone users an AirTag is the best solution. These tiny devices can be placed in luggage, ‘hidden’ on bikes, or – with the help of a strap – attached to keys. The worldwide iPhone network AirTags leverage makes sure you’ll never lose track of your things again – as AirTagAlex on YouTube demonstrates in an entertainingly extreme manner.

MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet ($26/£25)

Snap-on wallets are fine, but MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet takes the concept further. You can quickly turn it into a stand to prop up your phone in portrait or landscape – ideal for watching videos. And because this is all done with magnets, there’s no adhesive, which means your MOFT can be adjusted to suit your needs, in seconds.

Instax mini Link ($100/£109)

We’re so used to sharing photos online these days, but nothing compares to a printed snap. Instax mini Link is a tiny printer that works with your iPhone, and there’s an app for editing prior to printing, which lets you turn several snaps into a collage. Just don’t get too print-happy, because the print film isn’t cheap!

GripTight GorillaPod for MagSafe ($70/£63)

You might be familiar with GorillaPod, an alien-looking tripod that can be used to grip almost anything – or stand almost anywhere – when you’re shooting photos. As its name suggests, GripTight GorillaPod for MagSafe simplifies things by way of magnets – although a clamp remains if you want to go old-school.

MagSafe Duo Charger ($129/£129)

There are hundreds of wireless chargers out there, and Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger is at the pricier end of the scale. But along with being reliable, it’s also wonderfully space-efficient and portable. Just be mindful you’ll also need to buy a power adapter to use the thing.

Mujjo Leather Case (from $45/£40)

The Mujjo Leather Case proves class needn’t break the bank. The range has simple, stylish design, and you can choose from several tasteful colors. Tan looks very smart – but our favorite is the blue, which is a great match for a Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro. For an extra fiver, you can opt for a case with a slot for credit cards.

Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE Plus 10K ($70/£55)

Always running out of power when away from an outlet? Then the awkwardly named Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE Plus 10K USB-C Power Bank with Integrated Cables is a good bet. It’ll top up a thirsty device when you’re away from home, and built-in Lightning and USB-C cables means you have one less thing to remember for your bag.