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Best Posts of 2022 – our most popular articles of the year

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We write hundreds of articles every year to help our readers get the most out of their iPhones and iPads, but with so much content around it’s easy to miss some real gems.

So we’ve dug up our most popular articles of the past year, granting them a second chance to impress a few eyeballs. Below you’ll find our best posts of 2022, as selected by various extremely-scientific criteria. Basically, it’s all the stuff you’d be mad to miss. And we don’t want to be all clickbaity about it, but #5 will surprise you. Enjoy!

Most Read

These articles clocked up the most views from search engines this year, making them the closest thing we’ve got to a viral hit. Call it the zeitgeist, the bandwagon, or a meaningless trend – either way, it’s a telling insight into what was on people’s minds this year.

Dive Into the Latest Features of iOS 16

14 Essential Apps to Install on Your New iPhone 14

Truecaller Guide: How to Identify and Block Bad Calls

Get Out of Awkward Situations with Fake Call Pro

Voice Unlock Hack: A Secret Phrase to Bypass Face ID

Editor’s Choice

Popular doesn’t always mean best, and plenty of great writing gets buried each year beneath the mainstream. So here are a handful of niche picks that editor Tom Rolfe counts among his favorite articles of the year.

iPad’s Lineup is Baffling – Here’s How Apple Could Fix It

Dynamic Island Demonstrates the Best of Apple Design

What Else Should Apple Add to Apple One?

Great Crossword Apps for US, UK, and Cryptic Puzzles

Just How Waterproof is Your iPhone?

Best of Premium

Some of you might be aware that Tips & Tricks Premium members get access to exclusive long-form articles as well as all the usual stuff we offer for free. Here are five of our favorite Premium posts from the past year.

iPhone’s First Year – 15 Apps that Still Hold Up

The Best Apps, Kit, and Tips for Working From Home

14 Great iPhone Apps that are Even Better on iPad

How to Avoid Junk Email, Spam, and Phishing

11 Brilliant, Nontraditional Chess Games