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How to get the most out of LinkedIn’s Job Search app

LinkedIn has always been pretty essential for potential job seekers, but now the social media platform has made it even easier for its users to find the perfect job by creating an entirely separate app to do just that. LinkedIn Job Search enables you to you hunt for jobs on the LinkedIn network.

With LinkedIn Job Search you can let people know you are looking for a job, and thanks to some powerful privacy settings you can look for a job while employed without having to worry as it doesn’t share with your network the fact that you’re job hunting.

Downloading LinkedIn Job Search for iOS

LinkedIn Job Search

Use the LinkedIn Job Search app to find jobs in your area.

To get started you need two apps: the regular LinkedIn app, and the LinkedIn Job Search. You need the regular app on your iPhone to edit your profile and to make connections. The new Job Search app is used to search for employment opportunities.

Edit your LinkedIn Profile

Edit profile in LinkedIn

Set up a LinkedIn Profile on your iPhone before using the Job Search app.

Before you start using the LinkedIn Job Search app, ensure that your profile is up-to-date. If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to create one as it’ll be the first thing that potential recruiters look for. Follow these steps to fill out your profile:

  1. Open the LinkedIn app and tap Sign In.
  2. Fill out the Name and Password fields and click Continue. (If you don’t already have an account tap Join Now.)
  3. Tap the LinkedIn icon in the top-left to open the sidebar.
  4. Select your name to view your profile
  5. Tap Edit Profile.

Now add information about your previous jobs, schools and university and write a summary of your personal information. You can also add websites for places where your work is (you can add a personal website, blog, RSS feeds and online portfolios). The more information you put into your LinkedIn profile, the more successful you’ll be.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search

Starting a job search using the LinkedIn Job Search app

Once you’ve created a great profile, it’s time to switch to the LinkedIn Job Search app. If you are already signed in to the LinkedIn app you will not need to sign in again to the LinkedIn Job Search app.

The first time you open LinkedIn Job Search you’ll be asked to grant a couple of permissions. Tap Allow to the location request alert and OK to the Notifications alert. Both features make LinkedIn App Search better at finding you a job.

Searching for a job with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Job Search

Searching for a job in LinkedIn Job search

Start your job search by tapping the “Job title or keyword” field and entering the name of a job you are searching for. By default, LinkedIn Job Search will already know your location and look for matching jobs nearby. Tap Search to get a list of matching jobs.

LinkedIn Job Search matches your current location using the iPhone’s built in location services function. If you are looking for a job in a different area tap Location and enter the name of the city or area you are searching in.

Use Filters and Favorites

LinkedIn Job Search filters

Using Filters in LinkedIn Job Search to narrow down results.

You can use Filters to narrow down the job search even further. Tap the Filters icon in the top right to access filter functions.

If you check the same job listings frequently, you should switch from Most Relevant (which uses an algorithm to match jobs to your profile) to Most Recent. This ensures that you see all the jobs. Use the Location slider to narrow down the job search area (or expand it to cover a wider area).

Below these controls are checklists for Companies, Functions, Industries and Seniority Levels. Ticking each option filters the job listing to just those specific areas. Be sure to spot any big-name companies that you are looking for. Tap the star-shaped Favorites icon to save the search with the selected Filters: it then appears in the Search view.

Using the Discover function

Discover mode in LinkedIn Job Search

Using the Discover function to find jobs that match your profile and network.

Discover is another section of LinkedIn Job Search that can be very useful for locating new job opportunities. Rather than searching for a job, it uses the data from your profile and people it profiles as similar to you. LinkedIn Job Search then returns jobs that it thinks will interest you.

The accuracy of LinkedIn Job Search’s Discover function is related to how detailed your LinkedIn profile is and your connections. If you have taken a lot of time to invest in LinkedIn it will suggest jobs that are extremely similar to those you are looking for. If the results seem a little random then you may need to expand your profile.

Viewing and Saving Jobs in LinkedIn

Track view in LinkedIn Job Search

Using the Track view to list jobs you have viewed, saved and applied for.

Tap on any job listing returned in the app to view details about the job. Scroll down and tap Read More to view more information about the job. It is also possible to view information about the company (which is taken directly from the LinkedIn page).

Click the Save button next to any job that interests you.

Saved jobs can be accessed from the Track view. Here you will see Viewed, Saved and Applied tabs. These tabs display all of the jobs you have looked at, saved or applied for. Jobs can be removed from these lists by sliding the job listing to the left and tapping the Remove (or Unsave) icon.

Apply with your LinkedIn profile

Apply button in LinkedIn Job Search

Apply for a job in LinkedIn Job Search

If you find a job that is interesting, then apply for it directly from inside the LinkedIn app. Click the Apply button to be taken to the job application form. This is a web page outside of LinkedIn (even though it is displayed inside the LinkedIn app).

As with most in-app browsers you can tap the Share icon in the top-right to open the web page in Safari, or tap Email Link and send the link to your Mailbox.

Each job application is unique, but when you have applied the application will appear inside the Track view.

And that’s how to get the most out of the LinkedIn Jobs app!

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