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Perfect Summer Barbecue – 8 sizzlin’ apps for a great BBQ

Sizzling iPhone apps to make your next barbecue a tasty treat

Ah, the great summer barbecue. What greater joy is there during those sunny months? Well, that depends a lot on whether you’re the one having to prepare the event – and if you have what you need to make it go without a hitch.

If not, your iPhone can help. For everything from deciding on the best day to perfecting recipes, fire up an app before you fire up the grill. Weather Forecast (free + IAP)

Tomorrow Weather

Other weather apps give you a forecast and many of them include a rainfall radar. But Tomorrow lets you set activities for specific locations and explore when conditions will be optimal for them. A barbecue is one such activity, and bar charts and other data will let you know whether you’re in for sunshine or a washout. Naturally, all the usual weather app features are present and correct too.

Get Weather Forecast

Todoist (free + IAP)


If you’re planning a barbecue alone and are armed with an iPhone, you may as well stick with built-in apps Reminders and Notes. But when conspiring with others, Todoist is a good bet. Its flexible system lets you delegate tasks and define priorities, so you know precisely who to blame when you end up with 14 barbecues and yet nothing to cook on them.

Get Todoist

MultiTimer (free + IAP)


Hilariously, the iPhone won’t get multiple timers until iOS 17. And even when that happens, we’ll still recommend MultiTimer. Why? Because it’s so flexible. You can, on the same screen, mix and match all kinds of timers that can be colored and labeled. Ideal for keeping tabs on the time, recurring timers for turning meat on the barbecue, and countdowns for sides you’re cooking elsewhere.

Get MultiTimer

Tasty (free)


Want quick tips for recipes beyond hastily hacked-together salad, baked potatoes, and burgers on the grill? Tasty is packed full of inspiring recipes, which can be quickly filtered down to cater for specific difficulty levels and dietary requirements. What’s more, in each case, you get super-efficient video guides on how to make the thing. It’s like your favorite cooking shows, but with all the fat removed.

Get Tasty

Mela (free or $4.99/£4.99)


Should your approach to recipes be more old-school, Mela gives you a digital take on a personal recipe book. You can scan paper notes or ‘clip’ recipes from the internet, making changes to them as you see fit. Each recipe can be categorized, so you can instantly later access your barbecue favorites. And the built-in feed reader also lets you pull in the latest articles from foodie sites you favor.

Get Mela

SteakMate (free)


If you need assistance regarding not horribly ruining all that expensive steak you bought, try this app. You identify the type of steak you have, state its thickness, and define how you’d like it cooked. The app then kicks off a timer and notifies you when it’s time to flip the meat or remove it from the grill. Usefully, the app’s queue lets you have multiple steaks on the go at once.

Get SteakMate

Cocktail Flow (free + IAP)

Cocktail Flow

You should always drink sensibly and in moderation, especially on sunny days. But a barbecue can nonetheless be a good excuse for a drink or two. However, you might want to be a bit more sophisticated during your event than lobbing cans of beer at guests. This app instructs you on how to make dozens of cocktails, which you can search by name or base.

Get Cocktail Flow

Poolsuite FM (free)

Poolsuite FM

Finally, where would a barbecue be without great music? Apple Music will do, but Poolsuite FM saves you having to spend time putting together a playlist. Instead, select a station and let its summer vibes lighten the mood. All the while, you get to bathe in your geek credentials, due to the app’s retro visuals that evoke the original Mac – and that can be based on a live view from your iPhone’s camera.

Get Poolsuite FM