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Upgrade your iPhone with these 15 great accessories

From stands and speakers to gamepads and tiny printers, these are the add-ons your iPhone really needs

The ‘blank canvas’ nature of an iPhone means it can become almost anything: web browser; camera; newspaper; music player; (tiny) television; games console; recording studio. But with the right accessories, many of these experiences can be enhanced.

Here, we round up our favorite iPhone accessories that transform your iPhone in ways that range from the subtle to the radical. Whether you just want a way to prop up your iPhone or have designs on the Grammys, there’s an iPhone add-on for you.

Apple AirPods Pro headphones

There are cheaper ways to get audio into your ears, but Apple’s wireless wonders have a custom fit for extra comfort, active noise cancellation when you need to focus, and a transparency mode to let in outside sound when it matters.

Get Apple AirPods Pro ($249/£249)

Apple HomePod mini speaker

It might be fruit-sized, but HomePod mini kicks out serious sound, filling a room. It’s got Siri baked in and you can effortlessly hand off whatever you’re listening to from iPhone to HomePod and back. Take that, Bluetooth!

Get Apple HomePod mini ($99/£99)

IKEA Bergenes phone holder

The least fancy stand imaginable, given that it’s a piece of bamboo, Bergenes also happens to be one of the cheapest. But we’ll tell you what: it’s effective and stable. Buy a handful and leave them in every room and bag.

Get IKEA Bergenes ($3.99/£2.25)

MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet

Want to prop up your iPhone anywhere, but don’t fancy stuffing a Bergenes in your pocket? Then try MOFT’s snap-on stand. It works with MagSafe and will support your iPhone in portrait or landscape. Top stuff for watching videos and passive apps. It’ll hold cards too.

Get MOFT Snap-on Stand & Wallet ($29.99/£29.99)

Anker PowerWave wireless charger

There are loads of iPhone chargers, but we like the PowerWave a lot. We’ve found it reliable across countless hours of overnight charging. It’s affordable, so you can buy several without breaking the bank, and it’ll happily charge iPhones in either orientation.

Get Anker PowerWave ($19.99/£19.99)

Mophie powerstation all-in-one charger

If your devices inconveniently run out of juice when you’re miles from a socket, this battery will give them a boost. It’ll wirelessly charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch – or charge the old-fashioned way any other device you can connect via USB-C or USB-A. Overkill? Try the $39.95/£29.95 mini instead.

Get Mophie powerstation all-in-one ($99.95/£129.95)

Syosin selfie stick

What with its tiny legs, we’d be cautious about using Syosin’s gadget as a tall tripod. As a selfie stick, though, to snap your gorgeous self and some friends from a distance, it does the trick, not least when you consider its handy Bluetooth remote control.

Get Syosin selfie stick ($12.99/£7.99)

Joby GripTight Action Kit tripod

A good tripod must be stable and securely hold your iPhone. The GorillaPod takes things further, with flexible joints that enable it to balance on any surface and even wrap around objects. Adapters and mounts add support for other photography kit too.

Get Joby GripTight Action Kit ($49.95/£45.95)

Moment Starter Kit camera lens set

With a Moment set-up, your iPhone can be transformed into a pro-grade camera. You grab a case, slot in a lens mount, and quickly attach a lens. The snag: the individually sold lenses are very pricey. The good bit: they happen to be awesome and there’s a wide range to chose from.

Get Moment Starter Kit ($155)

Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer

Sending digital snaps to a company that’ll mail you prints is cost-effective. But the Instax Mini Link is a fun way to print card-sized prints of special moments – and unlike a standard inkjet printer, it’s tiny enough to sling in your bag.

Get Fujifilm Instax Mini Link ($99.95/£109.99)

Adonit Jot Pro 4

One day, Apple will make Apple Pencil work with iPhone. Until then, grab the Pro 4 instead. There’s no fancy palm rejection and tilt sensitivity, but this stylus never needs charging and its fine point is great for sketching and annotation.

Get Adonit Jot Pro 4 ($29.99/£29.99)

Apogee Jam+ guitar interface

Guitarists might want to pack their digs with plentiful amps and pedals – but those things take up a lot of space. Use a Jam+ and you can plug your axe into your iPhone instead, becoming the next Hendrix by way of a slew of virtual rigs.

Get Apogee Jam+ ($159/£159)

IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 25 keyboard

This controller lets you exploit the power of iPhone music-making apps and synths. There are 25 full-size keys, eight pads for tapping out drumbeats, and knobs for unleashing your inner Kraftwerk. Round back: loads of ports for plugging kit into.

Get IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O 25 ($199.95/£209.95)

Razer Kishi gaming controller

For Apple Arcade and beyond, touchscreens don’t always cut it for cracking high-scores. This latency-free controller is powered by your iPhone and transforms it into a handheld console, complete with D-pad, thumb sticks and buttons.

Get Razer Kishi ($99.99/£99.99)

Rotor Riot gamepad

Should you prefer the feel of a traditional gamepad, you can connect a PS4 DualShock to your iPhone. But the Rotor Riot is a better bet, having been designed for iPhone, with a clip that holds your device in place as you play.

Get Rotor Riot ($49.99/£49.95)