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Heavy discounts on great games with these 5 festive bargains

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It can be hard to find real bargains on the App Store these days, as so many services and utilities have moved to a freemium model with no up-front cost. But premium gaming experiences still typically come with a price tag – and luckily for us, some of the greats are offering deep discounts over the festive period.

We’ve plucked out only the finest rare gems: highly-rated games that don’t often go on sale. Perfect to stock up your gaming library, and a good chance to grab some last-minute Christmas presents too. Just hit Share > Gift App on any of these to purchase for a friend. You can even schedule their gift email and download code to arrive on Christmas Day. They won’t know you only paid the discounted rate!

All prices are accurate at the time of writing, but please be mindful that they could change at any time.

Currently on sale

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Was $9.99/£8.99, now $0.99/£0.89

This slick turn-based RPG is inspired by the console JRPG classics, with a rich fantasy world to explore, tactical battles, and highly detailed graphics. It’s another excellent port, and a total bargain following this huge price cut.

Street Fighter IV CE

Was $4.99/£4.49, now $2.99/£2.49

A brilliant retooling of one of the biggest one-on-one brawlers around, with a number of refinements for mobile play. We’d still recommend hooking up a Bluetooth controller for this one, though.

GRID Autosport

Was $9.99/£9.99, now $7.99/£7.99

GRID Autosport is arguably the best and most fully featured racer on iOS. You’re getting a full fat console racing experience, with stacks of cars and tracks and detailed 3D graphics.

Alien: Isolation

Was $14.99/£14.99, now $9.99/£9.99

Another expert console port from Feral, Alien Isolation is a gripping first person survival horror that pitches you against a stalking Xenomorph. This one’s got atmosphere for days.

Dungeon of the Endless: Apogee

Was $7.99/£7.99, now $1.99/£1.99

This stylish genre mash-up combines elements of roguelike dungeon crawling and tower defence in one gloriously replayable package. What’s more, this is a deluxe revised version with all of the DLC added up front.