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Deal me in! The best 5-minute card games for iPhone

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We all like a good card game, and the advent of smartphones has done nothing to dent their appeal. In fact, the digitization process has enabled the card game genre to expand and flourish.

Sometimes, however, you just want a quickfire card game that you can dip into for a spare five minutes. If that’s what you’re after, check out the following titles.

Flipflop Solitaire+ (Apple Arcade)

Ace developer Zach Gage takes the simple game of Solitaire and messes with the rules to delightful effect. It’s more streamlined, with just five columns to tackle, yet the ability to stack in both descending and ascending order really turns the game on its head.

Card Crawl ($4.99/£4.49)

Arnold Rauer’s breakthrough game is arguably the perfect card game, combining quick-fire card battles with a deceptive level of depth. Take out enemy cards using your own selection of weapon, shield, and special ability cards.

Marvel Snap (Free)

Marvel Snap is an online multiplayer card battler with a suitably snappy pace. Build a deck of superheroes and enter them real-time scraps with real-life opponents, applying their unique abilities in exciting three-lane battles.

Solitairica ($3.99/£3.49)

An App Store classic, Solitairica is another game that plays fast and loose with the original quickfire card game of Solitaire. Here it applies roguelike and RPG battle mechanics to the formula, and to compelling effect.

UNO! (Free)

A slick digital version of the classic multiplayer physical card game, Uno sees you competing against family, friends, or complete strangers to get rid of your hand.

Meteorfall: Journey ($3.99/£3.49)

Meteorfall is another deck-building card game that distils complex RPG battle mechanics down into a quick-to-play card game. This might just be the most streamlined of them all, not to mention the most attractive, thanks to an adorable cartoon art style.