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6 sweet tips for Candy Crush Jelly Saga success

Candy Crush fever is still going strong, with the newest game in the roster rocketing its way up the App Store charts. Candy Crush Jelly Saga takes the absurdly popular match-three mechanic and adds a jelly-spreading twist. It’s fun, and typically addictive – but with the life-replenishing gold bars costing real life money, you’ll want to make every move count to avoid losing hearts.

Luckily Gamezebo have compiled a list of techniques to help you smash through even the tougher levels. Perhaps most important is the advice to save your free gold bars for when you’re really stuck:

“Candy Crush Jelly Saga starts you off with fifty gold bars, which you can use to buy continues and power–ups. You may feel rich, but it’s not hard to burn through your stash in record time.”

Of course, there are also some top gameplay tips detailing the most efficient candies to focus on, and how to defeat the dreaded Jelly Queen. There’s also advice for dealing with the devious Puffler levels:

“When first beginning a Puffler stage, try cracking the frosting across different segments of the board. This will help you root out the fuzzy worms and focus where you ought to make your next matches. Moreover, spreading matches gives the Puffler fewer places to hide when it begins moving.”

If you’re one of the few people left who’s not yet played Candy Crush, you can download Jelly Saga for free on the App Store.