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Apple updates its free app of the week! Domino Drop is now available for free

Domino Drop – was $1.99/£1.99, now FREE

Apple has updated its free app of the week, and this time it’s discounted the relaxing, addictive puzzle game Domino Drop.

At its heart, this is a simple concept – it’s basically Tetris, with Dominoes. But mixing those two staples of digital and physical gaming makes for a heady blend of familiar tile-matching and head-scratching new challenges.

The dominoes have a tactile feel to them, with the sound effects and gentle jazz soundtrack combining to add charm to a relatively simple experience. We reckon this one has a pretty broad appeal, so even if you’re not usually into iOS gaming it might be worth a shot. After all, it’s free…

Download Domino Drop

Note: prices correct at time of publishing, but this is a promotional offer and will likely revert to its normal price soon. Act fact!