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Apple updates its free app of the week! Yankai’s Triangle is now available for free

Yankai’s Triangle – was $2.99/£2.99, now FREE

Apple has updated its free app of the week, and it’s another game – this time a uniquely inventive puzzler described as “a love letter to triangles” by its creator.

Yankai’s Triangle all about rotating puzzle pieces to fit together, and the randomly generated – sorry, “definitely handcrafted” – levels mean you’ll never see the same layout twice. It’s simple, but the minimal graphics and sound effects combine to make a really satisfying experience.

Since the success of Yankai’s Triangle last year, developer Kenny Sun has launched another abstract puzzler in a similar vein – Yankai’s Peak ($3/£3), which builds on the themes here and also heavily features triangles. (Read our review.) Our advice is to grab Yankai’s Triangle while it’s free, and support the developer by paying for Yankai’s Peak if you end up enjoying it.

Download Yankai’s Triangle

Note: prices correct at time of publishing, but this is a promotional offer and will likely revert to its normal price soon. Act fact!