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Essential tips for auto-running glory in Power Hover

Power Hover is an imaginative, visually stunning auto-runner in which your job is to collect batteries while riding a hoverboard. Oh, and you’re a robot. Obviously.

On the one hand it’s a fairly straightforward obstacle-dodging game, but the “floaty” controls can take some practice to perfect. Luckily 148apps have come up with a few all-important tips to keep you on your feet with your extra lives and batteries in tact. You can read the full article here, but the main takeaway is to be gentle with the touch controls:

“It’s very simple to over-press the left and right buttons when avoiding the obstacles in front of you – particularly when trying to correct a mistake. Make sure you’re very gentle when doing this so you don’t swing all the way into an obstacle with your hoverboard and character, or it’s game over.”

It’s also a good idea to go for the safest route on the first pass through a level, returning later to collect any hard-to-reach batteries:

“Lives are tough to come by in Power Hover, and the batteries dotting each level can be tempting. But if you need to simply progress through a level it’s best to follow the path of least resistance. This way you’ll save your lives for when you really need them.”

Not played Power Hover yet? It’s a corker – why not check out our review to see why.

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