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7 tips to become a Shooty Skies high score master

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Unable to smash your buddy’s high score on the endless flier Shooty Skies? The guys over at Gamezebo have knocked up a useful list of tips for staying on top of the leaderboards. Read all seven tips here, or check our favorite advice below.

“The key to surviving — and thriving — in Shooty Skies is developing an instinct for when it’s safe to charge your guns, which is done by lifting your finger off the screen … charged shots are vital for taking down big enemies while simultaneously dispatching the small ones that inevitably show up at the worst times.”

It’s not all gameplay tips – here’s a cool feature we didn’t know existed!

“Need a change of scenery? Selecting a new pilot might give you a new background. Dribbles the cow flies over the Old West. Fish Tank flies over the ocean. It’s a small thing, but it’s a fun thing.”

If you’ve not played the addictive shooter from Mighty Games yet, why not check out our full review?

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