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Alto's Adventure

Boss the ski slopes with these Alto’s Adventure tips

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Alto’s Adventure is a great endless skiing game, but some of those goals are pretty tough. Luckily for you, the resident Alto expert over at iMore has compiled a great list of pro tips for pulling off sick tricks, advanced combos and maxing our your speed boosts! You can read the full article here. One great piece of advice explains how to predict the randomly generated obstacles:

“In true endless runner fashion, Alto’s maps are randomized, so you’ll take a slightly different snowboarding run each time you head down the mountain. That said, there are a few features that routinely and regularly appear, and if you pay attention, you can plan for them.”

Our next favorite tip talks about how to escape those pesky elders:

“Lots and lots of backflips and grinds, and if you have the wingsuit, combo those up for even more speed. Every little boost helps. Even if it looks like an elder is catching up with you while you’re in the air, the speed boost you’ll get from landing your combo will help you run far off down the mountain while he and his llama remain behind.”

If you’ve yet to play the beautiful and challenging Alto’s Adventure, check out our full review to help you decide if it’s worth a purchase!

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