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Broki Review – Tetris-inspired demon-smashing game

Developer: Juanma Altamirano
Price: Free [$2.99/£2.49 to remove ads]
Size: 146 MB
Version: 1.0.2
Platform: iPhone & iPad


In Broki, the latest puzzle game from the creator of Chessplode, players are presented with Tetris-inspired blocks to drag from the bottom of your device’s screen into place. The blocks land on the grid with a satisfying slam, with a fuzz of haptic feedback. Filling the entire grid with shapes is equally satisfying, plugging into those Tetris vibes we all know and love.

Slay demons in Broki.

Cue Broki’s USP – the “demons” haunting each map, which players need to take out with their blocks if they want to progress through the game’s innumerable levels. The vintage nostalgia keeps flowing here, with Pac-Man-style ghouls complementing the Tetris gameplay.

You’ll find this adds a fresh and fun dimension to Broki’s otherwise familiar formula. That, and the fact that you’re only given a limited number of blocks – meaning you need to land them in the right space right from the get-go in order to complete the round. Although you can hover individual shapes over the board to see how the remainder of the grid might look, success in Broki requires some serious visual-spatial forecasting. It’s not just a game, but also a brain workout.

Pride challenges to take on.

While Broki provides gamers with a classic offering in the form of its Lust game mode, there are four other deadly sin-themed modes available for new players to dive into. Gluttony adds obstacles, Greed adds weapons, Envy lets users deploy a “trick” (in the form of an extra block which they may or may not need), and the tough Sloth mode situates humans alongside demons, which players need to avoid at all costs!

And after you’ve completed one level from each mode, a fiendishly challenging bonus mode – called Wrath – includes all of the aforementioned in one single game mode. Add to that a “pride challenge” that completes the septet, and you’ll find a game with plenty of replay value and enough invention to keep the format fresh.

Different game modes.

All of this sets you up for some addictive fun in Broki. When you tire of one mode, there’s another available which puts a totally different spin on Broki’s gameplay.

One more thing to say about Broki – you won’t run out of levels any time soon. All in all, there are more than 1200 to complete across the app’s different modes. Levels get progressively harder as you move through the game, although “hints” are available to earn (by watching an ad) or purchase if you get stuck.

Hints – if you need them!

There’s also a single in-app purchase for a couple of bucks which removes all ads and hands out 25 hints.

Broki offers a whole load of Tetris-inspired demon-smashing fun for iPhone and iPad. It’s a free download on the App Store with the option of paying a one-time fee for an ad-free experience.