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8 ways to speed into pole position in Horizon Chase

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Horizon Chase: World Tour is a blast from the past, a high-energy racing game which embodies the spirit of old-school console racers of the nineties. The guys at PocketMeta have come up with a host of game tips covering driving skills as well as how to unlock all the tracks and cars. You can read the full article here. It explains the best use of braking and boosting, plus the optimal moment to knock other cars off the road:

“If you’re neck and neck with someone else for first, try bumping them during a turn so they get thrown into an obstacle and spin out. Make sure you don’t just ram into the back of their vehicle, as this will only push you further behind. It has to be a shot to the side, preferably when you are both right next to each other, exactly side by side.”

Just as important is the advice to move on rather than replay the same track, if you want more coins:

“The amount of coins you’ll get from getting gold on a track where you already had silver pales in comparison to getting even bronze on a brand new track. Not only does this help you progress faster, but also gives more of a guarantee you will place first the next time around — since you’ll have a better vehicle.”

If you’ve not experienced the high-octane fun yet, why not check out our full review of Horizon Chase for more details on the retro racer?

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